The Axsy Field Service Mobile App provides support for both SSO (Single Sign-On) and Multi-Factor Authentication when logging into the app. 

Single Sign-On 

The Axsy FS Mobile App renders Salesforce's standard Production login page when users first open the app. To use Salesforce SSO with a third-party identity provider, users need to use a custom domain. Users can enter a custom domain by selecting the cog icon at the top-right of the login page. 

Please see this Salesforce Page for more information on how to set up SSO for users: Single Sign-On

Multi-Factor Authentication

When Multi-Factor Authentication is set up in an Org, the app behaves in the same way as the Salesforce Mobile App. After entering credentials for the Org, the user will be prompted to confirm the next step of authentication. 

Please see this Salesforce Trailhead for more information on how to set up Multi-Factor in your Salesforce Org: Secure Your Users' Identity