The Axsy Field Service Mobile App accommodates language translation capabilities and currency & date format conversions depending on whether the data is defined by Salesforce, or by the device being used. 

Salesforce Location / Language Settings

1. The Axsy app syncs a metadata file from your Salesforce Org at login. This metadata file is used to display both Standard and Custom Field & Object Labels in the Axsy app. All Standard Field and Object Labels are displayed in the language defined for the User in Salesforce. 

If a Custom Object or Field Label includes a translation defined on Salesforce (e.g. via Translation Workbench), those labels will be displayed based on the User's language settings. Otherwise, they will be displayed as they were originally created.

The Locale/Language of this Salesforce User is set to German. This means that all Standard Object and Field Labels will be set to German in both the Salesforce Web View and when logging in to the Axsy Retail Execution App. 

The Standard Field Labels like Account Number and Type will be displayed in the language defined by the User's Salesforce Settings. The actual values of these Fields ('Burlington Textiles Corp of America') will remain the same as when they were created. 

2. Currency symbols will also be defined by locale settings configured in the Company Information section of the Salesforce Org. 

Device Location Settings 

1. For all other parts of the Axsy Field Service App that include text that is not pulled from Salesforce metadata, the words will be translated to the language defined by the locale/region settings on the device being used. 

2. The formatting of Currency values (e.g. 27,45 or 27.45) and Dates are dependent on the device's regional settings.