The Axsy Field Service Mobile App provides a way to blacklist certain validation rules – at object-level – from being enforced by the Axsy app while editing or creating records. If a validation rule is blacklisted and faulty data reaches Salesforce, an error from Salesforce will still be returned and viewable in the Pending Uploads Queue of the mobile app.  

For more on Axsy's support for Salesforce's Validation Rules, please see this article: Offline Validation Rules

Navigate to Settings on the Salesforce Platform 

On the Salesforce Platform, an administrator should navigate to Setup > Custom Settings > Axsy FSL Mobile.

Create a New Custom Setting 


1. Select Manage beneath Axsy FSL Mobile. 

2. Select New.

Define a User or Profile Scope

Choose whether you want a single user or a set of users that fall under a specific Profile to use the app with restricted Validation Rules being implemented by the Axsy app. 

Define the Validation Rule Blacklist 

1. To blacklist all Validation Rules for all Objects, enter a * into the Validation Rule Blacklist input field. 

2. To blacklist specific Objects with Validation Rules from being implemented, type out the API Names of the Object(s) separated by a comma. 

3. Save your changes.