The Axsy Field Service App allows users to customise Mobile App Settings. Currently, the available Settings pertain to Smart Forms and their functionality. 

Navigate to Settings and then select Advanced Settings. Please see here for more on navigating the app: Navigation

1. The first option to toggle is Form Diagnostics. Enabling this setting will provide detailed error reports if there is an error within a Smart Form. 


2. The Form Reload toggle allows a user to refresh a Smart Form to update any changes that have been made to the Form in the Designer in Salesforce. 

  1. Select the three dots at the top right corner of the Smart Form. 
  2. Select Reload Form.

A message will display alerting the user that data may be lost. Tap OK. 

Then the user is prompted to Continue or Start new form. 

If Continue is selected, the Smart Form will retrieve data up to the current Step that the Smart Form was on when Reload Form was executed.